Chocolate Bar-B-Que, an Adventure in Cuisine!

by Marty Uribe | Owner, Chocolate Bar-B-Que

Yes, I write “Adventure” because that’s exactly how it’s been since I created this company armed with a Chocolate Fountain and flat top BBQ Grill. Serving any number of guests, me and my Chefs put out your catering fires. Even your last minute event planning is welcome. I have thrown many parties and I know what it’s like to want to make the memories of a community gathering last and last. Yes, my guests remember the venue, but more importantly, they remember the food. Food becomes the center of future conversations. “Remember those Ribs! I wish I could make those!”  “I can’t believe they served Quinoa salad” “Those Stuffed Jalapenos!!!”

The Food Pyramid is definitely one to climb, and with each level comes a different experience in cooking.  Every one of my clients has a different palate, from Snow Crab Artichoke Dip served in Newport Coast, to the fresh ground Hamburgers served on the beach in Huntington.  The expanding difference of palates invites us to create new menu items, we’d be proud to serve.  My Chefs bring their own flare and cooking style to the table.  Chef David brings his 15 years restaurant management, and, general contracting experience; Chef Louis brings his Kitchen Academy education and catering ownership with him.  I am currently carving my own BBQ niche.  Just last month I made my first Coffee Cured Bacon, then, I moved on to Slow Smoked Beef Ribs.  Next will be Tri Tip, and so on.  In short, I now offer more menu items than the brochure can hold.

Chocolate Bar-B-Que has  also served a few fundraisers such as Weinerfest, benefitting the works of Sunny Oasis Rescue, and, the Someone Care Soup Kitchen’s Annual Fundraiser, to help keep their pot full, as more local families seem to be filling up their tables.  We recently participated in the Taste of Huntington Beach, benefitting Friends of the Children’s Library, and a first at getting my Slow Smoked Pulled Pork judged.  No finger biting here, ‘cause my Grill Master Mentor, Billy Lundergan, guides me as my BBQ niche sharpens.  Nothing more satisfying than introducing you to Chocolate Bar-B-Que, all the while, we enjoy making a difference for others.

Bar-B-Que catering is a great business to be in and I gotta say, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Marty Uribe | Owner, Chocolate Bar-B-Que | (714) 292-3576

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